The chances of being injured are so much greater doing a sport than just walking down the street.

Have you ever considered what would happen if you had an accident whilst doing your high risk, or even low risk sport? Sports insurance UK is a combination of cover that will pay you a lump sum if you have an accident or are disabled, or in the worst cases potentially have a fatal accident while doing a sport. It has the option of replacing a percentage of your income using Income Protection Insurance, which not only covers you for your sport, but in most cases for being signed off work by a medical professional due to accident OR illness, regardless of cause.

Is Sports Insurance UK right for you?

What if, on your gentle cycle to the local forest, something happens which you never want to think about. If you get injured, can you afford to be off work to recover fully or would you be rushing back to the office after your arm has been put in a cast? What if you couldn’t get back on the tools on Monday morning? If you need time to recover from an injury or illness, we want you to not have to worry about your finances.
The amount of compensation and benefits you receive can vary from insurers and policies. For example, some insurers compensate you for the amount of time you are in the hospital after an accident.

You will usually pay a monthly amount for your income protection insurance which is called a premium. (You must continue to pay your premiums if you do not your policy will expire and you will not be covered.) If you do any extreme/dangerous sports, it is your duty to disclose these to your advisor on your appointment to ensure the correct policies are advised.

Whether you ride for pleasure or compete, sports insurance is a good option. It offers you financial protection against a range of injuries and illnesses in day to day life or in your sport. You can combine personal accident and injury insurance with other policies such as income protection, critical illness, and life insurance. Our expert advisers will take the time to understand what you need and help you decide the best option to suit your needs.

Sports Insurance FAQs?

What is sports accident insurance?

Sports Accident Insurance is a form of personal protection insurance; it's there to safeguard you financially if you have an accident doing the sport you love. It could help with those unexpected costs like loss of earnings, help to pay bills, mortgages, rent, and give some peace of mind financially so that you can focus on getting better and back to the sport you love.

Why do I need It?

Injuries in sport are common, so you should assess your risk for injuries and accidents common with your sport. Ask yourself what would happen if disaster struck and you didn't have coverage to protect you; how would you cope financially? Does your company offer sick pay? If so, for how long? Consider, how would you manage if you suffered a life-changing injury? All valuable assessments when considering accident insurance.

How much does it cost?

The cost of any insurance varies on individual factors, such as age and occupation. But generally, the younger and healthier you are, the cheaper it is.

Who Should You Buy Sports Insurance?

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), in 2019, exercise, with or without exercise equipment, accounted for about 468,000 injuries.

If you play or do a sport, then sports insurance is for you.

Suffering an injury is bad enough. However, there can be consequences beyond sport. If you're off work for a substantial period, consider how you would cope with the loss of earnings.

When to purchase sports insurance?

Insurance probably won't be on your top list of priorities when you start doing a sport, but it should be. If you suffer an injury before being insured, it could affect your insurance coverage. It could be classed as a pre-existing condition so therefore excluded from your insurance policy.

Other considerations and tips for buying sports insurance

Why you need cover What you want to include in your cover How much you can afford How long you might need cover for Whether you want cover for yourself and / or for loved ones

Why should I get sports Insurance if I don't play a sport professionally?

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen, whether you play professionally or not. If you don't have money to fall back on savings, you could find yourself in a substantial financial deficit. Struggling to pay bills could be a massive setback to your recovery.
Insurance can offer a financial buffer to healing and keeping a roof over your head when things go wrong.

Who needs to have sports insurance?

Everyone, if you have loved ones or assets worth protecting, you should talk to an independent advisor to discuss all of your insurance needs

How to choose the right policy for you?

Assess your needs carefully: Why do you need the policy? What do you need it to do? And The costs involved.
You can speak to an independent advisor who will carefully go through all insurance policies for you to make sure they're appropriate to what you need.

What are the benefits of having sports coverage?

You can recover in peace, cash benefits for breaks and dislocations, Physiotherapy Benefit

Why do you need to have liability coverage if you are an athlete, coach, or team manager?

A good policy can help protect your family's assets in the event of an accident

Is sports insurance worth it for me as a parent/coach/manager/athlete?

No one wants their child or athlete hurt on the field or court, but accidents do happen. Sports injuries can be costly without proper medical care; this is why your children should consider getting covered with sufficient athletic insurance coverage. If we're talking about adults, then they should also think about buying this kind of plan since it'll save their families from financial ruin in case something were to happen during practice sessions or games. Coaches may not realize how much liability coverage is needed for them too.

Motocross Rider Insurance

If you ride motocross bikes then it is definitely worth having rider insurance. Motocross Rider Insurance will make sure that you are covered should you have an unfortunate accident whilst riding.

Accident & Sickness Cover

Accident and injury insurances are there to support you should you experience any injury or ultimately perish from injuries.

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