Worx Personal Insurance Services

As well as specialising in sports insurance such as motocross rider insurance and other extreme sports, we do provide a full range of personal insurance services.

When thinking of personal insurance, your mind automatically goes to your home, car and pets however we need to make sure ourselves and our families are as protected if something unimaginable happened. Gaining an injury or dealing with death is financially, mentally and physically hard and having us on the end of the phone to deal with claims can sometimes be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Our advisors aim to support and assist you in every stage of your insurance needs. Whether from the first assessment, evaluation of your needs and requirements, making a claim and beyond. We will review policies on any of your life changes and always make sure you are covered for what you need and never for what you don’t.

More about our personal insurance services

We can assist you with any of the below insurance services and our advisers would happy to offer you a free consultation to answer any of your questions.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are a simple and effective way of protecting your family. If you were to die, a tax-free amount (which you would have agreed) would be paid out to your dependants as a lump sum.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover is similar to life insurance, however, if you are diagnosed with a critical illness on the list of ailments provided, such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer, you will be paid out tax-free and a lump sum.

Income Protection Insurance

If you are off work for injury or illness, a proportion of your monthly income will be paid. Life insurance and critical illness cover pay lump sums and is not a monthly ongoing payment.

Private Medical Insurance

PMI is an insurance designed to offer you the availability of private health care treatment should you require it. This means you have access to faster treatment and diagnosis should you need medical attention through illness or injury.

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