Accident and injury insurances are there to support you should you experience any injury or ultimately perish from injuries. It is designed to support your family and your self with whatever the outcomes of the injury could be. Such as amending your house to your life with disabilities or ailments that continue in your life going forwards.

These are closely linked with the Sports Insurance discussed on previous pages.

Is Personal Accident Insurance cover right for you?

  • A payment will be made if you gain any serious injuries from accidents, including disablement, loss of limbs etc, no matter what the circumstances of the injury.
  • Working with a higher risk in your job or in your free time, may mean you have a greater chance of needing support should an accident occur.
  • Combining a policy like this with other insurance works as a brilliant way of supporting your self and your family.
  • If you do any extreme/dangerous sports, it is your duty to disclose these to your advisor on your appointment to ensure the correct policies are advised.
  • A monthly payment will be paid, known as a premium, to continue cover a long as it is required.

A custom package that will work out how much you require and the right price point for you will be arranged when you speak to one of our expert advisors.

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